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Work Study Books & Stopwatches

We can supply from stock:

Work study books

Work study reference books are difficult to source, but we offer the following three titles from stock:
Introduction To Work Study by The International Labour Office.
Seen as the work study reference bible, this title is a must for all practitioners.
Work Study by R M Currie.
Covering traditional work and method study techniques. Please note that this excellent book is now out of print, but we have a stock of good quality used books.
MOST. Work Measurement Systems by Kjell Zandin.
An excellent reference title for practitioners of the widely used PMTS. technique.
Work study stopwatches

Slim electronic stopwatches, with 24-hour measuring range, accurate to 100th. Of a second, with memory function to allow recall of recordings. Can be used in seconds or centiminutes and include a pacer with bleep. The LCD display shows lap, split and cumulative time for ease of use. These are the stopwatches we use at Tye Management Services.