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PMTS Synopsis

MOST. Training and MTM. Training courses

This is the general format for the PMTS. Type training course. As with our other courses, these can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.
Predetermined motion time systems increase the output from the engineering/work study department as they are quicker to apply than a correctly taken time study. The systems allow efficient and accurate time standards to be generated, for payment, planning, costing and methods analysis. The output documents are well defined and carry a full method breakdown that can be used for work instruction and training purposes.
The benefits of the systems are: Accuracy, speed of output, easy to learn and understand, reduced paperwork, measured waste, methods are easily evaluated for improvements to be made and are universal in application.

The general synopsis for PMTS. Type systems training is as follows:

Concept and introduction.
Rating appreciation clinic.
The history and development of PMTS. Systems
The time measurement unit.
Proving the accuracy of the system.
The sequence models to measure methods and time.
Examining methods and waste.
Using the supplied computer analysis sheets to generate standards, evaluate waste and improve methods.
Final examination.
Throughout the course, practical exercises are given and delegates tested and guided.