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Work Study Services.
Tye Management Services has been in the field of work study and continuous improvement since 1996 and strives to offer the most professional and cost effective service available.
We offer the following work and method study services for continuous improvements in productivity:
Project work in the productivity improvement field using both work study and continuous improvement techniques, on either a contract or fixed price basis.

On and off site training in all aspects of work and method study and continuous improvement techniques.

Job evaluation exercises for equality of pay and conditions.

The supply of off the shelf synthetic packages to analyse work activities.

The supply of related publications and work study equipment.
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Tye Management Services operate both countrywide and internationally. We were the first company in our field to achieve the ISO 9002 Quality standard. We offer quality service at a cost effective price.
All things work study and continuous improvement for securing and improving the future of our clientele.
Fixed price projects.
Contract work.
On and off site training.
Supply of associated books, timing devices and software.

Work study.

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Previous clients include:

JCB. Excavators.
Jaguar Land Rover.
Rolls Royce & Bentley Motor Cars.
Local authorities.
Avon Rubber.
Rolls Royce (Aero. Engines).
Ashanti Goldfields.
Williams Formula One.

Setting new standards since 1996.
From Earthmovers
Formula One.
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